Talking about why social media companies are not for free speech

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Today’s Episode

Social media companies have a problem. They were once the champion of free speech and no they only give it lip service. I am fine if they do not adhere to the strict code of free speech, but, claiming you are for it and then not backing it up is wrong. The problem with social media is that no one forgets what you said. Even the companies that run it are tied to this. These tech companies need to stop saying they are for free speech and then police it somewhere else. The bad side of free speech is people are allowed to say things others do not like. The alternative is to police what we say, but, that will not make the unsavory nature of human nature go away. People will be less aware of it, until, something bad happens. This is, for the most part, how ISIS got started. Another odd thing in tech is Atari getting into the Internet of Things industry. It’s an odd move for them, but, they are not the once renowned game developer anymore. They have been looking for a way to stay relevant. This may be their way in, but, it’s still an odd move. Scroll down to hear my show. Continue reading “Talking about why social media companies are not for free speech”