Today I discuss the iPhone 7 and Apple’s Lawsuit


Today’s Episode

The iPhone 7 will be announced next week. That’s great news for a lot of Apple lovers. There are a lot of you too. However, Apple is in hot water over the “touch disease.” It is a nasty glitch for the iPhone. It basically makes the touch interface difficult to use or non-functioning. For a smartphone, that makes it useless. Some people are not happy about this. They have decided to bring a class-action lawsuit. They claim that Apple knew about this and has done nothing to help the situation. This is a sad turn of events for Apple. Apple has been on a slow decline for the past few years. It should be interesting to see how Apple handles this.

Anyways, on with the show!

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Marketing Blend talks about the best apps to run your business


Today’s Episode

Business has more options than ever before. It’s knowing what tools to use. I gave my short list of tools that I use to stay ahead or at least keep going. I do have a full-time job. If not for the tools I use, I would not be able to do this. Also, I talk about some interesting data about video ads, Pinterest now owns Instapaper. That is one of the best acquisition I’ve seen in a while. It makes the most sense.

Anyways, on with the show!

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Social Autopsy is bad for business and the web

Social Autopsy

Today’s Episode

There’s a new trend going on in tech. It has only recently started in the last 2 years. The need to police speech. Social Autopsy is one of those bad platforms. They claim it’s to keep people “safe,” and making sure people are held accountable for their actions. Except, you can report people anonymously… For business, having your employees on this can be bad. It can hurt your business and maybe keep some bad press. The only solution is to encourage people to have dummy accounts to share their real thoughts without a threat of losing their jobs. In America, we have the first amendment, but we also have people wanting to curb speech. Anything that can be deemed, “hateful,” is silenced. The problem is modern society is so thinned skin. We crave controversy too. It speaks to our lives. We are bored, we hate our lives and try to fill it with the next “outrage.” Unfortunately, businesses can be caught in the middle. Advertising for a popular show that an actor or reality star says something unpopular. Your business could get the public’s ire. On the bright side, there’s more Marketing Blend. Find out more below!

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Digital Coffee is now in session with its own Congress. Episode 62

Digital Coffee is now in session with its own Congress. Yes, we are in session to get no work done. We? I mean I am the only one in this Congress. I should get a lot done! Anyways, the Mobile World Congress is going on this week and that means all the big mobile companies are showing off their best new tech and devices. So far, it has been a great Congress. They go a lot done! Anyways, onto the rest of the tech news! If you like my podcast, please consider supporting me on Patreon!

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Digital Coffee Weekend Edition

Digital Coffee, episode 31, tech, tech news

This is Digital Coffee Weekend Edition or episode 31. This weekend I talk about the Google Play Store redesign. That looks awesome and will be optimized for right-to-left languages. Dropbox did logo redesign too. They join many other companies that have decided to redesign their logo. I do think this year is logo redesign year. LG is updating its G4 phone with the newest Android. One last thing! Have a great weekend!

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