Digital Coffee and the quest for Windows updates to stop!


Today’s Episode

There always seems to be a lot going on in tech these days. Microsoft is going to stop bugging you to update to Windows 10. The biggest drama is Facebook silencing conservative views. Facebook has denied these charges, but, I would not be surprised if it was doing that. Tech companies are at an impasse right now. They all seem poised to be more liberal. For better or worse, this can become a headache. The government is looking into why it takes so long to get updates for phones. This is a big problem for consumers since there are some vulnerabilities that can cripple phones. Rendering them useless and a security threat. This is interesting for one reason, the government has said it wants weak encryption, which means weak security. I feel like the government does not know what it wants and keeps changing it’s mind just because. However, it’s good that the FCC and FTC are looking into this. This is a long show, so enjoy an hours worth of funny lines and rants. Enjoy!

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LinkedIn tries to be cool, podcasts have landed on Google Play Music


Today’s Episode

It’s already been an interesting week in tech. We have LinkedIn‘s new app, EFF going after the government, EU fighting with Google and its only Tuesday! I think it’s great to see LinkedIn courting young adults. They really need to figure out a way to convert them over. I know when I was in college, LinkedIn was not a priority. Facebook (because it was still cool) was the priority. Evert college student was on it. Today there are even more choices than I had. I do think LinkedIn can find other ways of courting the younger generation, but this is a good first step. I really hope they push into video and live streaming. I believe they need to find a way to do this if they still want to be relevant. I have said it before, buying Blab is not a bad route to take. Blab has a nice community and it’s geared towards being more professional than the rest. Find out what other tech news I talk about below!

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The Best and Worst Moments of the Apple Event

On Today’s Episode:

Today on Digital Coffee, I will talk about the best and worst moments of the Apple Event. It was yesterday and all the Apple Fanatics gathered in one room. They were drinking KoolAide and loving what Apple had to say. Apple had a some interesting products coming out. However, the best news was Liam. Apple’s new robot that manages to recycle components from your old Apple products. This was a highlight of the show. One of the worst parts was Apple’s ignorance about the PC market. Yes, most PCs are old, but, many people update components inside of buying something new. If Apple had done some research, they would know this. It was a facepalm, but, most Apple users probably could care less. Not surprising was the announcement of a 4-inch iPhone. An iPhone for people who do not want a big screen, but want the quality of Apple products. Anyways, onto the tech news!

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Send a Digital Check to Digital Coffee- Episode 64

Send a Digital Check to Digital Coffee for $3,000. Yes, you can now send a digital check through an interesting website called Checkbook. This allows individuals and businesses to send people money, without getting checks or a checkbook. This makes it convenient, but my concern is about security. Hacking is a big problem and I hope this company has taken the necessary steps to ensure people’s money and personal information is safe. I am also getting really tired about they way the government has handled encryption. The IRS should have had top encryption for everyone’s personal information, but failed on all levels. These blunders should question the validity of the government wanting weak encryption. Some of us live in the west, but freedom is changing and not for the better. Anyways, there’s more I talk about.

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Digital Coffee is now in session with its own Congress. Episode 62

Digital Coffee is now in session with its own Congress. Yes, we are in session to get no work done. We? I mean I am the only one in this Congress. I should get a lot done! Anyways, the Mobile World Congress is going on this week and that means all the big mobile companies are showing off their best new tech and devices. So far, it has been a great Congress. They go a lot done! Anyways, onto the rest of the tech news! If you like my podcast, please consider supporting me on Patreon!

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Digital Coffee password is 12345 – Episode 61

Digital Coffee password is 12345. Yes, now I have to change my luggage combination. It was such an easy password to remember. Yes, I talk about the debate between Apple and the big bad government. This is a fight that is really the FBI’s fault. They are the ones that made is harder to crack the information they need. However, it’s easier to make Apple the villain. Besides the FBI really does not care about protecting your privacy or rights. They only want to spy on us. I will and forever be against the government spying on me. I do not care if I have “nothing to hide” argument. They should have probable cause to do that, as the constitution states. Ugh… Anyways, there’s more tech news!

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Digital Coffee wants you to safely trust me. – Episode 60

Digital Coffee wants you to safely trust me. Technology is always changing and not for the best. Luckily, most of the tech news today are great. That is a good thing in my book. Instagram is making your accounts more secure, but that does mean you need to a little work. The two-factor authentication is a great way of saving yourself from a hack. It is a great step for Instagram. However, you are going to have to do some legwork. You are going to have to go in the settings and then add your number and then wait for your phone to get the code. Anyways, other news stories that you need to know:

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Digital Coffee goes Acquisition hunting! – Episode 59

Happy Weekend Digital Brewers! Digital Coffee goes Acquisition hunting! Yes, there has been quite a few acquisition of late. We had Microsoft buying Swiftkey and Asics just bought Runkeeper. We also had Time Inc. buy Myspace and Youtube bought BandPage. This is an interesting time in the tech space. This could be great for those companies or they could be folded in and lost forever! Yes, that was dramatic, but still a very interesting time indeed. Here are a few other news headlines I talk about:

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Digital Coffee is back from the dead! Episode 58

Hey, everyone! Digital Coffee is back! I have been sick for over a week and it was terrible! I have missed doing this and I am finally ready to take the tech industry by storm. I come back to some stupidity, but it follows tech everywhere.

My first problem is what Twitter is doing. The algorithmic timeline is questionable, but it is not mandatory yet. This brings a weird admission from Twitter, that Facebook is “better.” I do feel Twitter needs to figure things out. My second objection is their new trust and safety council. The problem is that most of these organization are questionable. I am talking about you Feminist Frequency. Feminist Frequency is one of the worst organization to be a part of this. They claim that having dissenting opinions is harassment, but that isn’t harassment. This council of censorship… er “truth and safety” has nothing to do with truth. My problem is, where is Electronic Frontier Foundation? This is all about censorship. Twitter has a problem and they don’t know how to fix it. Anyways, here are more things I talk about:

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Digital Coffee brings the news to you in one coffee pot – Episode 56

Digital Coffee brings the news to you in one coffee pot. Yes, we made it to the weekend, but, unfortunately, dumb politicians think weak encryption is a good thing. Show your support of bad laws by tweeting Jim Cooper. Strong encryption is needed, not weaker encryption. Anyways there are many more tech stories. This is what I discuss today.

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