Starbucks virtue marketing and why your customers are not monoliths

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Starbucks virtue marketing. It’s similar to virtue signaling. Too close from what I’ve seen. This is a way for a company to capitalize on a political controversy for monetary gain. They have done it before and will do it again. The problem with this is the company equates that every customer is a monolith. That is not true. No one agrees with you 100 percent. I do not care how close you are with your friend, there will be disagreements. Starbucks is painting itself into a corner, if they are not careful, their sales could drop.

The reason is my generation. My generation is the best virtue signaling group I have ever seen. It needs to stop. You are not making a change and you are forcing businesses into stupid decisions. Culture is a pendulum. One moment, one idea is popular, then years later, it switches. This is usually because of the next generation coming of age. I hope Starbucks weighs its risks, because this is a bitter fight in American culture, be sure you know what this means.

Show Timeline:

  • Study finds Amazon is the most trusted SMB
  • Twitter NFL stream is huge
  • Branch unveils AMP Deepview
  • Uber gets backlash because of doing business
  • Facebook now ranks video by completion
  • Try content repurposing
  • New Messenger ads make them unavoidable. Don’t make them suck
  • Organic Content and Social Media Success
  • Twitter now has an Explorer Tab
  • OkCupid and bias data
  • Why brands still need to be neutral
  • Your customers are not monoliths
  • Starbucks virtue marketing

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Highlights from the Show:

Customers are not monoliths and your service is used by people of different thoughts.

OkCupid may have a problem if it keeps doing this.

Virtue marketing. It’s like virtue signaling for businesses.


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