Star Wars Battlefront Review

It’s been a decade since Star Wars Battlefront 2. A new developer running the franchise, will this bring Battlefront to new heights? Or will gamers think this is the “Jar Jar Binks” of the franchise.

The Brewer

DICE has been an innovator in sound and graphics design. Their proven experience making amazing first person shooter experiences with the Battlefield series. DICE has brought that experience to the Star Wars brand. They have excelled in those areas. Bringing the Star Wars galaxy to life can be a daunting task. Can DICE meet the expectations of many gamers and fans? Let’s find out!

The Brewing Process

DICE have kept it simple. They said this and maintained this course. They have, for the most part, achieved this goal. The game at its best can be fun. The sound whizzing of blaster bolts. The stomping of AT-STs or AT-ATs, everything feels like a player is in the Star Wars universe. At the core, it is getting kills. This is a first person shooter after all. DICE has brewed this game to have eight different varieties with their own objectives. DICE also got rid of the classes. Now each player can choose what weapon and star cards they want. There is no medic or support class. No one runs out of ammo, so the class is not needed. The medic class would have been a good idea, but was never implemented. There are power-up icons throughout the map. They give out different items. They range from a “squad” shield to orbital bombardment. DICE also got rid of squads and the ability to choose your spawn. Both of these are problematic. Not being able to pick your spawn point has caused issues with spawn camping. Enemy players can figure out where the team is spawning and “camp” the location. Not having squads is a minor annoyance. Battlefield 4 had them, but everyone still did their own thing. They did add a “friends” feature. This allows players add their friends to a “squad.” It’s the closest the game will get to a squad feature. All-star cards have unlimited ammo if they are a weapon. If it’s a power-up or ability card they have a limited number. To pilot a starship or vehicle, a player has to find that power-up on the battlefield. The same goes for hero units.

starwarsbattlefront 2015-11-17 16-05-44-08

The two main modes that will be popular for some time is Supremacy and Walker Assault. Supremacy is DICE signature mode with a different name. Conquest has been Battlefield’s most played mode. Supremacy has the same basic idea, capture points on the map. However, DICE has simplified it. There are no tickets, just capture the majority of points within the time limit to win. If a team captures all the points on the map, they win too. It’s fun to play, but, unfortunately, many players do not go after the objectives. It can be a make or break for any team unwilling to play the objective. Hero units can be a way to break stalemates. There are three hero units on each side. They are all the iconic heroes from the original Star Wars trilogy. The Rebels have Han, Leia, and Luke. The Imperials have the Emporer, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett. Each with their own abilities.

Walker Assault is the same as Rush from Battlefield. The rebels have to capture beacons to unlock Y-Wings to destroy the AT-ATs. The Imperials have to stop the Rebels from getting these points. If the Rebels destroy the AT-ATs they win. If the Imperials stop them, they win. This was the game mode that everyone could play in the beta. It’s also the mode everyone complained about. Most of the complaints were about it being too hard for the Rebels to win. DICE tweaked it and now, it’s way too easy for the Rebels to win. The dozen or so games played, I only one twice as the Imperials. They should have kept the formula as it was. The original way took teamwork. Yet, most games aren’t played this way. In an attempt to make it easier for the Rebels, DICE has made it harder for the Imperials.

starwarsbattlefront 2015-11-17 16-09-52-25

Drop Zone and Droid Run are a different take on capture the flag. Drop Zone is two teams fighting over a drop pod. The first team to 5 wins. Each time a team captures a drop pod three power-ups come out. Droid Run has the same mechanic, but instead of drop pods to capture its droids. The droids also move. The first to capture all three before the time is up wins.

There’s also Fighter Squadron, Blast, Hero Vs. Villain, Cargo and Hero Hunt. Hero Vs. Villain pits you guessed it Rebel vs. Imperial heroes. The first team to take out all the hero units wins. Cargo is a traditional capture the flag mode. Blast and Hero Hunt it a deathmatch mode. The only difference is Hero Hunt has one player as the hero and everyone else trying to take them out. Fighter Squadron is the starfighter mode. Players pilot X-Wings, A-Wings, TIE Fighters or Interceptors. The goal is to get to 200 points. That can be by taking out the enemy fighters, or shuttles. Players can pilot Slave One or the Millenium Falcon.

There is a single player option. It consists of training and a survival mode. Survival mode is either a single player experience. DICE also put a co-op option in there as well. If you have played survival mode in Call of Duty, it’s the same as that one. There is not much to talk about because DICE has not added anything new to the survival mode. The training is a great way to try out flying before doing it in a match, which I recommended. Flying can be tricky in this game, so practice makes perfect.

The ones I favored were Supremacy, Walker Assault, and Droid Run. I see these being the main ones played for months on end. If it lasts that long. The problem the game has it is content. There are only eight weapons to unlock and the top level is 50. This is low compared Battlefield 4 which had 140 levels. Players can not customize their weapons. They can upgrade their star cards which usually means it reduces the cool down time.

There is some customization in the game. DICE let’s player customize their avatar. They let players change the sex, skin color and race. What I found weird was having Stormtroopers helmetless. It was a little weird. The player can also unlock the scout armor for Stormtroopers and shadow troopers. The Rebels have the same, but players can unlock alien races too. It was a nice novelty, but it’s not enough depth to make the game last. I was hoping for customizing weapons and, even more, customization for Stormtrooper armor.

I played the game using an i7  CPU, with 16 GBs of RAM and AMD 7800 graphics card. It ran pretty well on medium settings without too much of a degrade in the graphics. It still looked amazing. I did run into some rubber banding issues. I did have some sound issues. One issue was a complete loss of all sound. Another one was a loss of the music which made the game at times pretty quiet. The last sound issue was crackling issues. It only did it once for me, though. The issue is fixed by restarting the game.

The gameplay controls are pretty standard for this game. The only letdown is the awful controls for piloting air vehicles. When playing the beta it was a near perfect setup. Now, I felt like piloting a boat. It also was difficult to target anything.

The way to make this brew to the way people want is through the options. They have icons for each category. The graphics have a low, medium, high, and ultra setting for those that do not want to tinker. They also, allow users to change each graphic setting too. There is a Field of View option. This is one graphic option PC gamers always want.

starwarsbattlefront 2015-11-17 16-32-10-08

One of the great things that DICE does is make their games accessible for people with color blindness. They have several options to help make their gaming great.

For Streamers

I found that during peak hours it was difficult to stream. This could be my own internet service, but a word of warning for all that stream.

The Taste

Star Wars Battlefront tastes great. The look and feel of the game drive home the great battle scenes from the movies. The lush forest of Endor to the snowy landscape of Hoth DICE emulates the look and feel of Star Wars. DICE have brought the taste of nostalgia to all our hearts. Even down the small details, DICE did not miss anything when it came to the visual presence of star wars. The sound of blaster bolts whizzing by and the stop of AT-STs bring the ground combat to life. DICE nailed this and it’s nice to load up the game and see first-hand the Star Wars universe.

The Verdict

Star Wars Battlefront is fun to play, but it does not have enough depth to keep gamers coming back for more. Lack of content does not make this game worth the $60 price tag. With only four maps, the game will get old. There is more content coming out, but it’s almost as much as the base game. It feels EA and DICE are making gamers spend more money for content that could have been in the game. I would have rather had more maps than more game modes. The best parts are the look and feel of the game. The consist again and the few game modes that will carry this gaming franchise. Even with the minor glitches I found, it was still fun to play.  I just wish there was some strategy to the game. The low-level cap also guarantees most gamers will reach the limit in a month or less. Digital Coffee gives it a:



Star Wars: Battlefront








Mod Friendly


Streaming Friendly



  • Feels like you are in the Star Wars universe
  • Easy to pick-up
  • various different mods


  • Lacks Depth
  • There's only two mods played
  • Lacks Content