Gamer’s Cafe sips on CES, Overwatch, and Long War 2?

Today’s Episode

This episode of Gamer’s Cafe sips on CES, Overwatch and more. CES is a big event and sometimes a weird one. However, there can be some great new tech coming out. AMD is releasing some promising new addition to its line and Nvidia’s new shield, 2017 looks like a very promising year. Seeing more 4k monitors is a good sign for prices to drop. Dell has an 8k monitor and some many more great game news. It does make a gamer giddy!

Show Timeline:

  • Korean students make a VR for Overwatch
  • Overwatch nerfs
  • Players are warned not use the ice wall glitch in Overwatch
  • Netgear unveils NightHawk S8000
  • Steam’s beta has support for Xbox controllers
  • Razer has a new laptop with 3 monitors
  • Corsair unveils a new keyboard and mouse
  • XCOM 2 gets Long War 2 mod soon
  • dev for Homeworld: Desert of Kharak teases a new game
  • Mass Effect has a short and new tidbits
  • New Linksys router cares about gaming over all others
  • Firewatch sold more than one million copies
  • Just Cause 3 does get a multiplayer mod
  • AMD shows off Vega and Freesync 2
  • Dell has a new 8k monitor for you
  • Elite Dangerous has a close encounter
  • Fallout 4 mod Frost makes the game really, really hard
  • Project Cars 2 may be released in September

Gaming Deals:

Highlights from the Show:

I do not like glitchers, but, fair warning to stop glitching in Overwatch.

I think fixing Roadhog’s hook is a good idea.

Freesync 2 could make the monitors more expensive than Freesync

The new AMD Vega cards could overperform the 1080.


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