Red Dead Redemption 2 announced. BF 1 and Civ 6 out now and more

Today’s Episode

RockStar finally announced Red Dead Redemption 2. The first game was a great ride. It was one of the best western games out there. However, they need to bring this game to the PC. The first one never made it to the PC. It was a sad and a missed opportunity. I’m hoping they will bring this game to the PC at a later date. If they do not, then, that’s just a dumb strategy. Plus, BF1 and Civ 6 are out now.

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Gaming News Pwned:

  • Shadow Warrior 2 gets new weapons, modes, and maps
  • Massive DDoS attack takes down many sites
  • Video Game Voice Actors and Performers go on strike
  • Skyrim Special Edition gets timeline for when released
  • AMD And Nvidia get driver updates for BF1, Titanfall 2,  Civ 6
  • Blizzard testing out significant changes for heroes on PTR
  • Blizzard Chat now available to everyone
  • Samsung not happy about GTA 5 mod that has a phone exploding
  • Don’t buy DDR4 RAM right now
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided updates fixes DX12 issues
  • Nokia testing out fast internet in South Korea
  • More Wolfenstein coming soon-ish
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 announced
  • BF1 and Civ 6 released
  • and more!

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Tweetable Quotes:

[Tweet “I’m hoping that RockStar brings Red Dead Redemption 2 to the PC.”]

[Tweet “If you’re looking to upgrade your RAM, I would wait.”]

[Tweet “I hope this strike does not impact future games”]

[Tweet “I think Nintendo Switch looks too similar to the Wiiu”]


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