Starting or upgrading a podcast can be hard. Choosing the right tools can be difficult. This week I dive into what tools for hosting a podcast, content creation, launching a live video, websites, and on demand printing companies.

There are a lot of options, it’s finding the right one for you!

Show Notes:

  • Tasting Don Francisco Blueberry Coffee
  • What audio software to sue
  • What photo editing software to use
  • What photo manipulation software to use
  • What video software to use
  • What VFX software to use
  • What hosting site should you
  • What website service should you use
  • What on demand printing services should you


 Audio Software
 RAW Editing Tools
 Photo Editing Software
Video Editing Software
 VFX Software
 Templates and Live Streaming
 Podcast Hosting
 On Demand Printing