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Pivoting Your Strategy in an Uncertain Time with BizHack’s Dan Grech

Brett Deister April 17, 2020 6

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In This Episode…

PR 360 wishes everyone a safe and healthy week in these emerging pandemic times. This week we talk with BizHack’s founder Dan Grech. We talk about the sudden change we’ve all faced in the business world. Find out ways to jump-start your marketing/PR today and, how to pivot. Plus, why it’s important to advertise now!

Time Stamps

●     [00:49] Are you a coffee or tea drinker?                  

●     [01:16] Tell us a little about BizHack?          

●     [03:57] Can you tell our listeners what you’ve learned about digital marketing and PR?  

●     [04:56] What advice can you give businesses about digital marketing?     

●     [06:07] What was your appeal to start two startups?

●     [07:21] Do you think PR pros should rewrite their crisis plan?

●     [10:51] How should PR pros use internal communication for those employees that want to work from home?

●     [12:31] How should companies like Slack tweak their messaging?

●     [18:04] How do you think storytelling will evolve for PR pros in 2020?

●     [19:29] Do you think podcasting will help elevate digital content in 2020?

●     [20:45] What are some blind spots that businesses do or don’t see in 2020?

●     [21:45] What should PR pros focus on when it comes to their strategy in 2020?

●     [24:30] How should universities adapt their curriculum to better serve PR pros?

●     [26:04] Do you think schools should still teach the traditional aspects of PR?

●     [26:58] What would be your ideal marketing dream team?        

●     [27:33] Final Thoughts

People and Companies, We Mentioned in the Show

●      Learn more about BizHack

●      Dan Grech was our guest today.

Episode Length: 27:25

Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next week for another episode!

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Brett Deister

PR/Marketing Pro, writer, live stream gamer, the host of Digital Coffee Podcast.

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