Betheseda E3 Showcase

Yes, the first of many E3 showcases. This one is great some many great things came out of it. Doom, Fallout, Dishonored 2, my head is exploding with excitement! I am happy about Doom going back to its roots. Fallout looks amazing, and Dishonored will be another great game. E3 has officially kicked off this event with a bang!

Here is the full video of the conference:

Your Morning Digtial Brew!

Your Morning Digital Brew

Alien Isolation Review

It’s that time of year already! Time for all the scary survival horror games to come out. This year it’s time to dust off that old motion tracker and get back to DOS computers! Creative Assembly takes a stab… uh, face hugger?…. To this storied franchise. Could it be better than Aliens; Colonial Marines? Which, to be honest, is not hard to accomplish, but still, this game will be compared to anyways. Let’s see how scary, and the most important part, fun this game could be!

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