Overwatch Spooky Loot, New Character Leak and Battlefield 1 Early Access

Today’s Episode

Battlefield 1 Early Access. I really do not like EA is doing, but, who’s surprised about this. I am excited for Battlefield 1. It looks like the best one of the series. It’s an interesting time because we are seeing the Halloween loot from popular games.  Blizzard has a leak on their new character. Sombra seems like an interesting character. We’ve got a picture, but, I’m interested to see what her abilities are going to be. We are beginning the holiday season of gaming. This is going to be interesting!

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Gaming News Pwnd:

  • BF1 has a really small gun
  • You can play as a carrier pigeon in BF1
  • There are cheats in BF1
  • Seasonal loot comes to Overwatch
  • New character for Overwatch leaked
  • Mirrors Edge Catalyst and Star Wars Battlefront come to Origin Access
  • Player uses Banana’s to play Winston
  • All rental servers for BF1 are now handled by EA
  • Spectator Mode in BF1 comes with new tools
  • Western Digital comes out with new SSD line
  • Friday the 13th delayed
  • Tyranny is coming out in November
  • and more!

Gaming Deals:

Tweetable Quotes:

[Tweet “The smallest BF1 gun. It looks like a tea holding gun.”]

[Tweet “Witcher 3 is a great game and now you can have a low polygon art style. If you like that.”]

[Tweet “I played Alien: Isolation and was so freaked out I hide my Android.”]

[Tweet “I really do not agree with Battlefield 1 Early Access.”]


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