Overwatch community is awesome, Blizzcon update, BF1 DLC gets released

Today’s Episode

BF1 DLC is finally here for premium members and it is interesting. I am not sure about the new mode, but, the maps are pretty good. They have a good mix of open tank battles and confined spaces for infantry. I still have to play more of it to get a feel if this is a good DLC. I am not a fan of the unlock system and I wish DICE would just leave it as a different unlock system. Oh well, there’s are pros and cons to everything.

Show Timeline:

  • BlizzCon is coming!
  • System Shock 3 being published by Starbreeze
  • LOL honor system being rebuilt
  • Full Throttle remaster has a date set for release
  • Talking about the Twitch Desktop App
  • Ubisoft drops the ban hammer
  • Hyper X Cloud Revolver S looks interesting
  • Overwatch updates
  • A new Fallout 4 mod gets those lazy settlers to do things
  • Well, no updates for you Windows 7/8.1
  • Smite Rivals is no more
  • Cliffy B has an interesting thought about Gears of War 4
  • People on the internet are nice!

Gaming Deals:

Highlights from the Show:

I agree that Gears of War 4 did not take too many risks

Twitch Desktop App is very similar to Curse for obvious reasons

The Overwatch community is awesome!


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