Cheaters hate Overwatch, Battlefield 1 was almost not made

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History is not our strong suit. That seems to be the reason why BF 1 was considered to be risky. EA thought that younger people did not know we even had a World War 1. Yes, the reason for the war is complex and many complicated reasons for why this war happened. I am glad that DICE convinced EA to make this game. It looks great and may be one of the best games of 2016. I don’t know for sure, but, it could be. Another weird announcement was for Sims 4. Maxis released a statement talking about inclusiveness and all the SJW rhetoric. They did not need to do a full-on media blitz for this, but, the news reported it anyways. That does include me. This may not be a popular opinion, but, if you hate there are only two sexes, then blame nature. This whole, you can be anything you want has gotten out of control and transgender is not a gender. I’m sorry, but, that is completely made up.

Gaming News Debated:

  • Some Overwatch characters may get a nerf (not bastion)
  • Overwatch has 7 million players
  • It’s hard to cheat on Overwatch.. according to hackers
  • Rainbow Six Siege gets a starter pack
  • Lawbreakers closed alpha coming later this month
  • Sims 4 does away with  gender because it hates science
  • Valve has sold 500 million controllers
  • Patriot releasing new SSD drives
  • Battlefield 1 was almost not made because we don’t know history
  • and more!

Gaming Deals:


Would you go see The Division movie?

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[Tweet “Death threats are not going to make a game come out.”]

[Tweet “Let this be a warning if you cheat you will be banned.”]

[Tweet “Instead of making a movie, fix your game!”]