No Man’s Sky Patent Trouble and Valve says no to betting

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Valve is in a terrible situation. CS:GO is a great game and has made Valve lots of money. However, this betting scandal is not good. It has hurt Valve’s reputation and gained them a lawsuit. The problem is Youtuber’s. The fact that they gamed the system and conned people out of their money is terrible. I do hope some legal action gets taken against them. However, No Man’s Sky is in the news. This time, it’s bad. Sean Murray took a patent and used it in the game. I’m glad the company does not want to halt the release of the game. The problem is, patents are so hard to track, you may never know you are infringing on one.

Great news! Nvidia 1060 is out!

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Gaming News Pwned:

  • Telltale Games set to Release a new Batman game on August 2nd
  • You can play Star Citizen Until tomorrow July 22nd.
  • Valve sends cease and desist orders
  • You can play Life is Strange episode one for free
  • Overwatch new character Ana, is now live.
  • Bioware teases release new content for Star Wars: Old Republic
  • Preorder Civ 6 and get the Aztec Civilization at launch
  • Hitman has a new elusive target and it’s Gary Busey
  • No Man’s Sky is hit with a patent dispute
  • Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC is free this week
  • No Man’s Sky shows off combat
  • The Thargoids might be coming back in Elite: Dangerous
  • Benchmarks for Vulcan are out. AMD looks to benefit from it. (PCGamer)
  • Nvidia 1060 is out (PCWorld)
  • and more!

Gaming Deals:

Tweetable Quotes:

[Tweet “Sky news is stupid. No one was going to be confused about No Man’s Sky and Sky news.”]

[Tweet “I do not get why people would bet on a random algorithm.”]

[Tweet “It would be terrible playing Batman all the time.”]

[Tweet “Battlefield 4 Naval Strike was trying to be the Titan Mode of 2142. It did not work.”]