Gamer’s Cafe talks No Man’s Sky, Evolve and TF2 more like debated!

Today’s Episode

Evolve is an interesting game. It was an interesting concept that was bogged down by numerous DLCs. That lead to gamers no liking the game. It was a mess. Now, the developer has decided to go free-to-play. Hoping this will bring more gamers back. It could and many games have been successful at that, but, we shall see if it works out for Evolve.

The best part of gaming is No Man’s Sky has finally gone gold. What that means, is the game is ready to be sold. So, we can now boldly go and explore a digital space. Woohoo!

Gaming News Pwned:

  • No Man’s Sky goes gold!
  • Elite Dangerous: Arena is free
  • Lawbreakers continues its alpha testing
  • You can defend the empresses in Dishonored.
  • Nvidia 1060 pricing and  information released
  • Evolve is goes Free-to-Play.
  • Overwatch will not have a tie breaker in Season 2
  • Blizzard teases a new weapon for Overwatch
  • Ravenfield is an awesome Battlefield clone
  • TF2 is going competitive
  • Splinter Cell is free!
  • and more!


What do you think of Team Fortress 2 going competitive?

Gaming Deals:

Tweetable Quotes:

[Tweet “If you are playing in an competitive mode, don’t leave. It’s childish.”]

[Tweet “Maybe Evolve going free-to-play will make it popular again.”]

[Tweet “Woohoo! No Man’s Sky is gold!”]