Nostalgic with Nintendo Mini! Overwatch new character and rules

Today’s Episode

Nintendo is doing things right. First, it’s popular Pokemon Go and now, Nintendo Mini. Yes, I want to play some classic games. This is great news. Even though we have to wait until November, this Christmas season is going to be awesome! Overwatch announced several changes. Two seems to be pretty good moves. Zenyatta needed a buff. He was easy to kill and this will help make him effective. D. VA is getting a buff too. This should help make her more of a tank. Before, it was easy to deal with her. The best news comes from the competitive scene. Blizzard is not letting teams pick all of a certain character. Only in competitive mode. So quick play those 76s, all day!

Anyways, on with the show!

Gaming News Pwned:

  • Evolve’s free-to-play model has worked so far
  • Twitch streamers do impact game sales
  • Twitch and Steam clarify their TOS on skin gambling
  • Overwatch introduces a new character
  • Overwatch will have a one character limit in competitive play
  • WOW is making sure you don’t feel abused
  • Fallout 4 has a bug even modders can’t fix
  • XCOM 2 gets new mods from Long War Dev
  • Steam Summer Sale is a huge success
  • PewDiePie has an explanation for the FTC controversy
  • and more!


Are you going to get the Nintendo Classic Mini?

Gaming Deals:

Tweetable Quotes:

[Tweet “Blizzard needs to define abusive. Why does everyone have thin skin?”]

[Tweet “I really was not liking another sniper in Overwatch. However, I’ll try the character out.”]

[Tweet “Yes! Nintendo is bringing back the classics!”]

[Tweet “To say I am excited for No Man’s Sky is an understatement. I want to boldly go!”]