Murdered: Soul Suspect Review

Welcome back to the 80s! Wait, no, this isn’t Ghost. There is no clay scene, but the whole dying part and finding your killer is very reminiscent of it. This is a crime adventure game, but should you choose this adventure? Let’s find out!

Gameplay, Story, Writing, Gameplay and Design:

The story is about the belltower murders. A murderer has been going around and killing people leaving a belltower symbol at each crime. Ronin is your character and he has been killed trying to track down the murderer. He is then visited by his dead wife about finding peace with what he has left to do. So Robin goes on a journey to find the killer. The story is alright. The unfortunate part is this game fell victim to wrapping things up too quickly. It just fell short. The writing was strong, and most of the characters had a story arc. The main character was the bad boy turned good, so it may seem cliché it was a plausible character. Claire is your guide into the real world. She is a mystic that can see you. She is also being hunted by the killer. She is a teenager and does not trust you. It is a delicate alliance. The dialogue between characters is realistic, and they feel like real living, breathing characters with that have flaws to overcome.

The gameplay is quite flat. It revolves around hiding from people or residue left over to kill demons. There are crows to distract demons, but it basically hides from the demons press a button and then another quick time event. This is all the combat becomes. Another interesting thing was possessing a cat to control. I wish they did more with it, but there were only a few spots where you did this game mechanic was used.
Most of the gameplay revolve around looking for clues and solving past murderers or recent ones. Once you find all the clues, then the game does a pick which “pictures” to either find the right combination of progress. You can guess multiple times, and still get it right. The other problem that kept bugging me was the walls you could not pass through. There were spectral buildings that you could not pass through, it was the buildings in the “real world” that baffled me. You could not pass through any of them. This makes the game quite easy. I rarely felt challenged by any of the gameplay challenges.

This the worst hide and seek I have ever played.

Graphics & Sound:

The graphics good, the facial expressions make the characters believable and helps to connect with them. The Unreal Engine looks great, and the developer did a great job in the subtle ways the characters feel. The rest of the world felt confined. In a big city, the developers made it feel like a small town. They did their best to drive the story forward but made it too confined. When going to the different areas, the developers split up the rooms well, but a lot of rooms felt the same. I really could not tell the difference, with most rooms I went to.

The sound was great. The ghostly screams sound frightening, helps make it sound like you’re in the spirit world. When your character or any dead character talks, they have a spectral sound effect to give an emphasis on that. The screams of the demons help drive home that these are demons.

Is It Worth It?

It’s a decent game and a little different from what the rest of the industry has to offer. The problem is that for forty dollars I felt like there should have been a longer story. The puzzles were easy and there was no consequence for getting it wrong. I would only recommend getting this game when it goes on sale.

Murdered: Soul Suspect








Mod Friendly


Streaming Friendly



  • Interesting Concept
  • Average gameplay
  • Story is solid


  • Characters are bland
  • Its linear
  • You're a ghost until you hit the invisible wals
  • Ghost abilities not that impressive