Live streaming got easier on Facebook, Coffee Meets Bagel gets serious

Today’s Episode

Live streaming is what every social network clamors to make. It is a great way to get users to stay on their site longer. Facebook wants to make sure they continue their dominance as the king of social networks. They released their live program on the desktop today. Hooray! Now everyone can live stream. Be sure to bring puppies and cats! As we progress to a media-rich online world, I hope people remember to read and write. It’s important. What do you think about live stream?

Show Timeline:

  • OnePlus 3T gets a new color
  • Facebook lets everyone live stream on their desktop
  • Google Duo now lets you do audio only calls
  • Android is getting better at security
  • Google Maps has a new feature… Location sharing
  • Posts by Google opens up to more organization
  • Coffee Meets Bagel gets a monthly subscription
  • LinkedIn adds Trending Storylines to get users to stay longer
  • Medium has a new subscription plan
  • Apple acquires Workflow
  • Ryzen 7 chips are locking up computers
  • Reddit wants to be a social network
  • LastPass had a terrible vulnerability

Apps/Programs to Try:

Highlights from the Show:

Online dating sucks for both genders, but, I think Coffee Meets Bagel does a good happy medium.

If you do Facebook live stream be sure to have a puppy or cat. They make videos better!

Reddit is not about individual profiles. Why are they doing this now?


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