Let’s get blending with Marketing Blend! Episode 1

Let’s get blending with Marketing Blend! Yes, this is episode 1 of a new series for Digital Coffee. I have always wanted to share my knowledge of marketing and what goes in the marketing industry. There are so many different tools, tips and tricks. I hope to be a valuable resource for you and that you can help others too! Enjoy!

What I am talking about today:

  • Facebook is unleashing their instant articles
  • Twitter doesn’t know who it is and other problems
  • Yahoo doesn’t know itself
  • Learning great marketing tactics from this presidential┬áseason

Tweetable Moments:

  • Safety and Trust council could hurt their business model in the long run
  • Yahoo needs to go back find what it’s brand really is
  • Facebook knows who it is and has done well
  • The publishing industry has really taken a hit and Facebook knows that
  • We can all learn from people we don’t like

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