Today’s Episode
It’s International Podcast Day! One of the best holidays of the year! Ok, it’s not really a holiday, but I love it. Show love to those podcasters you know. I also talk about the latest in gaming news. It’s funny that Ubisoft cares about quality. That’s a big surprise. Lately, they have released games that have problems. It’s not No Man’s Sky worthy, but, they’ve had problems. I’m glad they are holding their games back. It’s better to make quality games, than push them out.

Anyways, on with the show!

Gaming News Pwned:
Assassin’s Creed and FarCry Not Returning Until 2017
Ubisoft still independent
Twitch goes Prime with Twitch Prime
Windows 10 fix to download games
Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition back
Get skins for the Steam Controller and Link
AOC launches a new monitor
Homefront: The Revolution has a DLC
Wasteland 3 is coming, maybe
No Man’s Sky is being investigated
Cyberpunk 2077 could be better than the Witcher 3
Black Ops 3 gets mod tools?
Destiny 2 could come to the PC
BF1 ha a single-player and nobody cares
And more!
Gaming Deals:
Back to School Sale 2016
GreenManGaming Deals
COD: Blops 3 weekend deal
Codemasters Publisher Deal
The Division Weekend Deal
Tweetable Quotes:
Ubisoft got the hint about making great games

The worst decision was to be silent. Bad moves No Man’s Sky

At least PC may get Destiny 2

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