Today’s Episode
I’ve said it before, marketers and advertisers do not make great ads. They are usually ok, but, mostly bad. The new reports show that publishers and marketers care about the impressions than trust. If we do not find a way to make them better, there go the profits. However, Facebook is doing well in that aspect. They also love to stuff anything with ads. They are ad happy. That’s a problem. It’s why people use ad-blockers. The problem is, it’s only going to get worse. We need to find a better way. I hope we can strike a balance between revenue and trust. Trust is hard to get back.

Marketers know that trust is everything. Let’s continue to build that trust between our company and customers. Anyways, on with the show!

Marketing News Analyzed:
LinkedIn cautiously steps into video
Instagram copies Snapchat
A report on why most Native Ads suck
Google adds AMP to organic search results
Facebook adds mid-roll ads to live video
Reddit thinks brand sponsored post is a good idea
Another study on Millennials
A study on who has the most shares on social media
Instagrams is testing a comment moderation tool
Programs/Apps to Try:
Dropbox Paper
Tweetable Quotes:
LinkedIn finally got into video… like putting your foot out and waving it around.

Looks like publishers do a terrible job of telling people this is an ad.

The report is good except they do not know the ages of Millennials.

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