Instagram goes after Snapchat and Pinterest hearts video

Today’s Episode

Videos are taking over all the internet. People love to consume it. YouTube was the start of the revolution, but, it has crept into every social network. Pinterest introduced video ads. It’s an important part of the marketing strategy. If you are not trying to make videos, you are missing out on opportunities. However, a big problem with creating a social media strategy is choosing the right social networks. Very few make it past a year. It’s more important to maintain your website. This is your brand home. Make sure you treat it well.

Anyways, on with the show!

Marketing News Analyzed:

  • Pinterest adds a new video ad format
  • Facebook and it’s awesome carousel ads
  • Instagram copies Snapchat again
  • Snapchat still rules the stories!
  • TSU and Blab have shut down
  • The reason why you should have and care about your website

Apps/Programs to Try:

Tweetable Quotes:

[Tweet “Facebook stop blatantly copying. I feel like The Social Network was true.”]

[Tweet “Social media lives a dies by its users. Websites will always be needed for your company.”]

[Tweet “Pinterest’s new ad is interesting.”]