Instagram changed it’s relationship status and it means business

Today’s Episode

Today’s Instagram is finally getting their business together… er releasing business pages for its platform. Instagram business was unveiled yesterday and most brands are going to love it. It’s a long time coming and should help brands understand how their content is doing. The only problem is this signals the end of organic reach for Instagram. We are going to see a shift to Facebook telling you what you want to see. This is mostly because they want businesses to pay. It has worked very well for Facebook, so why not do the same to Instagram. The problem they could run into is the community. Most people went to Instagram because what Facebook was doing. Now, they will have to deal with it, or move on. We are also in an interesting time for businesses doing business on the internet. Facebook wants websites to be dead. They want everything to be through Facebook. The problem is businesses have no say on the changes to Facebook. They have to deal with it. Business websites are going nowhere and Facebook needs to get that.

Marketing News Discussed:

  • Instagram launches their new business pages and analytics
  • Why I don’t think press release should be blog posts
  • Google has a roadmap for AMP
  • Facebook has some insight on the Olympics
  • Periscope adds moderation tools
  • and more!

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What do you think about Instagram’s new Business Page and tools?

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[Tweet “You should be backing up your data every day.”]

[Tweet “Periscope adding modding tools is a great step to moderating live streams”]