Happy New Year! Today’s Episode is looking for the digital marketing future

Today’s Episode

Happy new year! Well, 2016 is done and now it’s time to find the digital marketing future! Yes, I will go through some marketing news and give you my predictions of 2017. The marketing industry is going through a transition and it is a needed one. Now is a great time to tell you what I would like to see in 2017. Live and recorded video is going to be more and more popular this year. There is more, but, you have to find out by listening! I do hope everyone had a great New Years Eve! That you look forward to 2017. Let’s all create great content and killer marketing plans.

Show Timeline:

  • Why we should be worried about Map Maker shutting down
  • Hmmm is something wrong with AMP?
  • You may be doing ads on LinkedIn wrong
  • Periscope launches 360 live video
  • Amazon is testing Adwords with product ads
  • Is your website HTTPS? No? It should be.
  • Is LinkTree the answer to your Instagram marketing?
  • Facebook launches live audio
  • Which one, Instagram or Snapchat?
  • Finding the digital marketing future (my 2017 predictions)

Apps/Programs to try this week:

Highlights from the Show:

Google gave small businesses a bigger problem with spammers on its Map app.

In 2017 I think there will be a rise of the marketing journalist.

If your website is not HTTPS, you’re in trouble.


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