Hail To The King, Baby. Duke is Back!

Today’s Episode

Duke Nukem is back. I mean, the glory days of Duke Nukem 3D. Those were the days. FPS were new and exciting. There were many developers trying new things. It was a great time in gaming. Most FPS have a formula now. You do not have to look further than Call of Duty. That franchise has a systematic formula. It’s good to see an old friend back. Hail to the King, Baby!

Now, time for the show!

Gaming News Pwnd:

  • Walking Dead Season 3 is coming in November
  • Duke Nukem celebrates its 20th birthday!
  • Mos Eisley recreated in the Unreal 4 Engine
  • Doom finally adds deathmatch later this month
  • New Prey trailer shows off more about Prey
  • AMD release a hotfix for graphics cards
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has a preview mode for DX12
  • Rainbow Six: Siege may get another DLC Season Pass
  • Nvidia releases Geforce Experience 3.0
  • Sony announces Playstation Pro
  • Mass Effect has a new trailer
  • CyberPunk 2077 has more people working on it
  • and more!

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Tweetable Quotes:

[Tweet “Yes, we can enjoy Duke Nukem in all his glory!”]

[Tweet “I do feel like DICE has a hit on them.”]

[Tweet “We get to experience Star Wars on our computers. Woohoo!”]


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