The Great Hack and the Government Want to Spy on Us More.

Today’s Episode:

It’s happened again. Another company hacked. A hack or hacking is a  factor in business. No business is immune to it. However, Acer was the worst. A tech company not aware their system was compromised is pretty bad. A whole year! The hackers also got a lot of data too. Businesses have a duty to protect customer data. If they want to be in business. Businesses need to take these acts seriously and beef up their security. Another shameful act is from the government. They always want to spy on us more. They claim its for our safety, but, they have never made us safe. In fact, they were powerless to stop someone from killing 49 Americans. The government is never going to stop either. They know little about technology and still do. It’s time they cared about the 4th amendment. It’s time they start acting like they care about too.

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Tech News Discussed:

  • Twiter takes on Facebook Mention with Engage
  • Vine is testing a 140-second video
  • Ghostbot allows people to keep their avoidance or conflict intact.
  • Facebook is spending lots of money on live video
  • Windows 10 phones are finally getting NFC
  • You can now approve or deny tasks on Slack
  • Yahoo has a new travel assistant that is a spammy chatbot
  • VLC is getting better
  • Brigade is bringing the debate and everything else in politics to its social network
  • 170,000 servers compromised and many from the US
  • Acer was hacked for a year… time to get a new credit card
  • TSwift and other artist demonstrate their hate from tech companies
  • We now have a 1,000 core CPU that you can’t buy
  • and more!

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Tweetable Quotes:

[Tweet “Listen Taylor Swift… Tswift you really do not care about those starving artist this is plain and simple you want more money.”]

[Tweet “An IP address is your identity online. Once again, the government is clueless.”]

[Tweet “Twitter gives a safe space for those that need to feel safe. Illusions of safety much?”]