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Google has released a lot of new features for its analytics software. Prior to this, you could only use the optimizer, data source for the 360 program. Now, they have released beta versions that will help SMBs understand their customers more. This is a great time to learn more about those products. Facebook is a mystery to me. There metric was flawed, but, they did not want to report that. They decided to release a work social network for some reason. Facebook makes not sense.

Anyways, scroll down for more!

Marketing News Analyzed:
There’s a hidden cost to content marketing
Google adds free versions to its 360 program
Cross-device retargeting is here on Google
Google updates Penguin in 4.0
Oracle has an update for its marketing cloud
Twitter adds an ad that targets clicks and conversions
Twitter lets people create moments
New studies on ads and they are interesting!
Facebook has 4 million advertisers… Woohoo?
Facebook messed up their algorithm… or they just suck anyways
Salesforce goes after commerce
Facebook At Work is launching soon
Opinion: Brands beware of political issues
Apps/Programs to Try:
Tweetable Quotes:
I do not see a point to Facebook at Work. Why?

Brands are sure you understand the blowback for taking a stand.

Facebook, you should have fixed your crappy algorithm.

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