Google is turning stupid and we will pay for it

Today’s Episode

I’m back! You can Google it! Ha! This is Digital Coffee 2.0. It’s a new day and only once a week. I would love to do daily, but, a full-time job does not make this possible. However, Google is not on my good list. They are close to being hated as bad as Facebook. You all know how bad I hate Facebook. It’s more of a good loathe. This week I am talking about Google doing some bad things. I also talk about the unnecessary hate AMD seems to get. It’s weird. They are making some great hardware lately. Enjoy

Show Timeline:

  • I’m Back
  • What’s new with Digital Coffee
  • The Stupidity of Google
    • Alphabet CEO Eric Schmidt’s is terrible about explaining censorship
    • YouTube forgets it’s roots
    • He’s lying about H1-B visas
  • The San Bernardino lawsuit and why it’s a terrible argument
  • What Gen Z has in store for tech culture
  • How important it is to keep free speech in social
  • Stop hating on AMD
  • Final thoughts


Apps/Programs to try this week:

Highlights from the show:

Google you don’t need to censor, humans, do that already.

I’m hoping the next generation brings a conservative voice back into the conversation

YouTube, remember your roots.

There’s no reason for all this hate AMD is getting.


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