Today is all about the good and bad of E3 2016

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E3 is always a hype train running on extreme hype. E3 2016 is no exception. There were many memorable moments, as well as, forgettable ones. Publishers and developers spend countless hours creating the best demos and trailers for gamers to consume. Some are great, others, need some work. Publishers spend large sums of money to make their shows extravagant, or overdone is a better word. The shows become their own concerts and, at times, lose their focus. When E3 should be about the games, Publishers find new gimmicks to throw at gamers. The good things are, even with all the bright lights and marketing speak, some gems stand out above the crowd. It’s still a great time to be gaming. This is shaping up to be the best year in gaming. We are seeing more diversity in the genres, especially first person shooters. New techniques and new technology coming out.

Now, time to listen in on Gamer’s Cafe.

Gaming News Pwned:

  • Halo 6 is coming to Windows
  • New Xbox controllers will use Bluetooth
  • Allsion Road is no more
  • Sea of Thieves coming to Windows
  • Gabe Newell hates exclusives and I agree
  • Pascal is pushing prices on Nvidia cards down
  • Todd Howard’s opinion on Fallout 4
  • New Heroes, maps, and features coming to Overwatch
  • My impressions on E3 2016

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[Tweet “At least Microsoft is caring about PC Gaming.”]

[Tweet “Do people play Battlefront?”]

[Tweet “The biggest surprise from E3 was God of War.”]

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