Gamer’s Cafe talks about gaming news and the need for strategy games – Episode 5

Gamer‘s Cafe talk about gaming news and the need for strategy games. Yes, I give my reasons why I think that strategy games need to come back. I do miss old Warcraft, CC,  and Total Annihilation. I am happy that Homeworld is back, but I think there needs to be more. I think publishers are missing a viable business for the next Call of Duty. Anyways, here are some news ideas I talk about.

  • XCOM 2 will have mods
  • Obsidian want to make another Fallout game
  • ESO persuades the thieves guild on their game
  • Metal Gear Online is live on PC
  • Overwatch closed beta will return in February
  • and more!

Where you can get the Division free DLC.

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