Gamer’s Cafe is waiting for your beta upload. – Episode 8

Gamer‘s Cafe is waiting for your beta upload. Yes, with new open beta of The Division upon us, where is there time to get your gaming news? Gamer’s Cafe is the right spot for you. It’s open for your comments and great videos of your awesome play style. I am also going to be playing The Division this weekend. Let’s play!

Today’s news stories:

  • Pre-load The Division open beta
  • Pillar of Eternity: The White March Part 2 is out
  • KOTOR being remade
  • Elite Dangerous: Arena out now
  • COD BLOPS 3 has a $15 multiplayer mode
  • The Ship is being remastered
  • Doom‘s single player will be about 13 hours

Tweetable Moments: 

  • I don’t want all your gaming distribution programs, I just want you to work with one
  • Doom is finally coming back, the father of FPS
  • I like Tomb Raider but I don’t think it was the best writing
  • We can play Rocket League and form a team. The kicking balls with cars team… original.

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