Respawning and fighting in the Great War: Battlefield 1 Review

The battlefield series is well known for its vehicle combat, squads, and destruction.  These are the hallmarks of the series. It’s great fun when your team works together. It’s frustrating when it’s not. DICE has always created battlefield a delicate mix of frustration and joy. Battlefield one builds on this formula, but, does not follow in Call of Duty footsteps. Battlefield 1 takes place during the Great War, World War 1.

Is this a game worth playing? Should developers make more games in the era? Let’s find out! The system I used to play this game is an i7 2700 with 16 GB of RAM, 4 TB hard drive and Nvidia 960 graphics card. I used an AOC gaming monitor, Logitech Gaming Pro mouse, and Corsair keyboard.

Single Origin (Single Player Campaign)

The Battlefield series has never been known for its single player. Battlefield 1 tries to make the single player better and it does in some regard. It follows the old formula of Call of Duty. There are many stories being told by different people. Players start in Europe where artillery shells explode all around you and men attack on all sides. Then you are part of the tank crew, fighting through the German and French front. This story introduces players to how to drive tanks and how to repair them. Then, you are a pilot fighting for Britain.

Well, not really, the player character impersonates one. Flying to destroy fortifications and defend Britain. This helps new players understand how to fly. It’s the best way of learning the basics. Then, the player is whisked off to the Italian front climbing hills to take forts.

Then, the player is part of the Lawrence of Arabia crew fighting the Ottomans. This is where players met the behemoths of the game. As the story goes, it’s a by the numbers action game. There are big explosions, followed by action and then a little story. The stories go through predictable fashion. The player gets introduced to the character he is playing. The character finds success. Then a problem arises, and then, lose. It’s not terrible just not a good story when they follow a predictable path. The stories do their job to drive the player forward. However, the gameplay and enemy AI is average. I never felt anything was a tough battle. The enemies follow tradition AI routes.

Once they enemy sees you they try to overwhelm the player. The problem is they run straight at you or pop their heads out to get easy kills. The single player is fun to play once, but, there is no need to play it more than once. The main reason people play Battlefield is multiplayer.

House Blend (Multiplayer)

This is the main event. This is what Battlefield is all about. There are ten maps and six modes to choose from. The best modes are conquest, rush, and operations. Operations are new to the series. Operations is a mix between rush and conquest. One team defends and another attack. The attacker wins by taking all the objectives. The defenders win by letting the ticket count run down to zero. This mode can be fun and frustrating. If you’re on a good team is fun. If you’re on a terrible team, it is a terrible experience.

Operations is a mix between rush and conquest.

The main difference it follows a campaign against two opposing sides. Instead of a random set of maps, this follows maps from each continent. It’s a great addition to the Battlefield series and one mode people will play for a while. The mainstay of the series is conquest. Conquest was the first and only mode in the Battlefield 1942 and has been in every game since.


In Battlefield 1, the mode has changed a little. Instead of tickets counting down, they add up to 1,000. There are weather effects that affect the battlefield. In the desert maps, sandstorms can hinder players line of sight. It makes it difficult for plans to see the ground and scouts to snipe. It’s a much better effect that levelution ever was. Battlefield 4’s levelution was a cheap gimmick. The Europe maps have fog or rain. The rain does effect grenades, including, incendiary ones.

The latest addition is melee weapons. This brings an interesting dynamic to the game in theory. The knives are fast, but, do not deal much damage. The axes and clubs do the most damage, but, are slower. Also, some weapons can do damage to barb wire, doors and vehicles. So, choose which weapon you bring. I prefer the axes or clubs because they deal the most damage.

There is one other big impact in the game, are the behemoths. These are big vehicles that players can drive and fire on the battlefield. They are tough to kill, but, no impossible. There are three of them; a train, zeppelin, and a battleship. The desert maps have the train, the maps by the sea have the battleship and other have the zeppelin. These vehicles are only available to the team that is losing. They can help turn the tide of the battle, but, only in a capable team that can rally behind it. These behemoths are a big target, so, expect the opposing team focuses on bringing it down. If you love all out mayhem this mode is for you.

Rush returns to the Battlefield 1, this time you must arm telegrams. The attackers try to arm the devices and the defenders… well, defend. If you have played the previous Battlefield games this will be familiar. It’s still one of the best modes of the game. The thrill of arming a device and defending it until it explodes. The explosions raining down all around, and pushing onto the next objectives. The one new addition to the mode is calling artillery strikes. It’s not that spectacular or even useful. I called several in and never got a kill from it. I never heard the strike either. It’s a bit odd.

The other modes are team deathmatch and domination. These are the same modes you’ve played in other games. I think people will enjoy them for a while. It’s the same setup for any other first person shooter game.

The last mode is war pigeons. It’s an interesting new addition to the Battlefield series. I would say it’s like droid run on Battlefront. Two teams battle to capture a point and release the pigeon. The other team can shoot down the pigeon. It’s an interesting mode and can last a while because of the ability to shoot down pigeons. However, without that part, these matches could be short. I understand the balance, but, after playing the mode a couple of times, I got bored. If you love short maps with specific objectives, then, this is the mode for you. The only problem with this camping. If the enemy team is in control of the match, or, they figure out where the spawn points for the pigeons.

Which leads me to the downside of the game. While I do enjoy playing this game; no game is without its flaws. The classes are balanced for the most part. However, not all the classes got a fair treatment. The support class on release weapons did not get a fair treatment. The LMGs or light machine guns seemed to been weak. Most players avoid the class. A problem with the support class is the weapons. They feel weak compared to the other classes. DICE needs to address this. The scout class is strong. The bullet speed and drop is almost nonexistent from what I’ve seen. Players have figured out the “sweet spot” of the weapon.

That means there is a spot where a one-shot kill is easy to do once a player knows the sweet spot. When I did play the scout, the only problem I had to face was the bullet speed. Once a player adjusts for this, it’s easy to kill. It’s going to be a problem once every knows how to do it. I fear that the scout class will be the go-to choose for people.

Yes, I know about playing the objective, but, many players do not care about that. The other problem is the artillery truck. This is a sniping or camping truck. The other problem I had was the mouse cursor not showing up. This makes selecting a spawn point difficult. There are few weapons as opposed to Battlefield 4. The different variants do not make each weapon different. You can unlock most of the weapons at level 3 of each class.

After most players get most of the weapons there could be a huge drop-off. This happened in Battlefront. I imagine this could happen in Battlefield, as well. The other problem is gas grenades. There is always a problem with grenade spam, but, these make is unbearable at times. Players have two gas grenades and they last a while. All players forced to wear gas masks and cannot look down the iron sights. Unless they address this, it will become a bigger problem. The best remedy is only one gas grenade. They should have a shorter duration, too. The battle packs are confusing in Battlefield 1. They are skins and puzzles pieces for legendary melee weapons.

I thought DICE would make them better, but, they are now worthless. The reward system is gimmicky. DICE should retire them. This started with Battlefield 4. Players got Battlefield The problem was Origin, which is EA’s own digital distribution program. The fix is to turn off their in-game overlay. Origin software being incompatible with Nvidia software is a bad oversight.  That was the only bug/glitch I ran into during my playtest.

The medic and assault classes are some of the best classes in the game. The medic’s rifles are the best medium range rifles. They can do a good job at short range. They can even take on scouts. This class in capable hands can be a great asset to the battlefield. If you play the medic, please equip medpacks and syringes. There’s no need for the grenade launcher. It adds to the terrible grenade spam.

It was disappointing, to say the least. Battlefield 4 tried to amend this, but, levelution was gimmicky.

The assault class is fun as well. The best close range combat class the SMG guns are fun to use. They have the best level 10 gun in the game. They are the anti –tank class and should focus on attacking and take out armor. Assaults are the only class to use the shotguns. The only class that can use shotguns. I am concerned about the Model-10. It’s the best shotgun and it does feel a little overpowered. It can take out enemies at range and a good close range combat.

The graphics are one of the best in the Battlefield series. This is nothing new. Each new entry of the Battlefield series is an improvement of the graphic fidelity. The destruction is the best I’ve seen this series since Bad Company 2. The past two games was a letdown when it came to destruction. Battlefield 3 was a step back from the destruction players loved in Bad Company 2.  It was disappointing, to say the least. Battlefield 4 tried to amend this, but, levelution was gimmicky.

There were a few interesting maps that used it well. Battlefield 1 does a better job at destruction. DICE got it right this time. The building does crumble. Heavy turrets can be destroyed and the ground can have evidence of explosions. The destruction is everything in Battlefield, I’m glad to see it back in rare form.

Welcome, back Battlefield.

How it Tastes:

In the end, Battlefield is one of the best shooters of 2016. It all comes down to balance. The classes balance is good. The new operations bring a coordinated objective based game mode to the series. Plus, the destruction looks great.  Even with some of the flaws, I see many people playing this games for months, even years. It’s one of the best games for 2016 and 2017. If you’re a shooter fan, this is one on your list.  Welcome, back Battlefield. It’s good to see you your old self.

Battlefield 1










Streaming Friendly



  • Great destruction
  • Classes are mostly balanced
  • Operations is a welcome new addition
  • great to see melee get a little more variety
  • A streamlined process to choose your weapon


  • Grenade spam is terrible
  • battlepacks are worthless
  • Some game modes won't be played very long
  • Minor glitches with Nvidia software
  • very little differences between the weapon variants