Facebook has no love for ad blockers

Today’s Episode

Ad blockers, the necessary evil of online browsing. Most people use it to do anything on the web. Ads have become a problem. They are disruptive to the flow of posts. There are full-page ads that disconnect the consumer from the content. Publishers and marketers created this mess. This is a big problem. My professional pushed people to use ad blockers. Now, Facebook has to do something drastic. They need to make sure people are seeing ads. This is where the majority of their revenue comes from. More ad blockers used, then no money generated. I may not like Facebook, but, I understand why they are doing it. I also talk about the state of social media marketing. It’s similar to tech. There’s a lot of new tech being used and video is the dominant medium for this space. The future is interesting.

Anyways, listen from more of my insight.

Marketing News Analyzed:

  • Facebook gives the finger to ad blockers
  • Facebook has new metrics for video
  • Twitter opens up Moments
  • Redesign of Adwords comes to most users
  • Pokemon Go. A social network?
  • State of Social Media Marketing

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[Tweet “Facebook likes to put ads into everything”]

[Tweet “Facebook dislikes ad blockers.”]

[Tweet “Adwords is finally getting the redesign”]

[Tweet “We as marketers need to find a better way to advertise.”]