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Facebook mid-roll ads, Instagram adds more pictures, Hootsuite buying

Brett Deister February 27, 2017

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Today’s Episode
Hootsuite is a popular social media scheduling tool. It recently got into ads with its purchase of AdEspresso and now it is buying another company. It’s an interesting time for the company. It also looks like Hootsuite and Buffer are going in different directions. Buffer is shaping to be more of a content management tool and Hootsuite is more about the ads and analytics side of the business. The industry is maturing and we will see more and more companies buying other ones. This is the nature of the business.

Find out more down below.

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    Facebook mid-roll ads, Instagram adds more pictures, Hootsuite buying
    Brett Deister

Show Timeline:
Urban Airship is the first mobile wallet to have Apple Pay
Hootsuite continues its spending spree
Facebook ads mid-roll to their live stream videos
Longer videos may be better for engagement
Google is changing the ads icon
AMP links showing up outside of search results
Cloudflare had a terrible bug
Google Allo coming to the Desktop
HTTPS should reach 50% search results by 2017
Google My Business has some new guidelines
Snapchat Lens game could be interesting for marketing
Instagram adds multiple album posts
Google is shutting down Spaces
Perspective from Google only lets you see the nice side of the internet
Apps/Programs to Try:
Facebook Apps For Your Pages
Pixel Caffeine
SocialRank Realtime
Highlights from the Show:
Every scandal in tech is bleed and politics is gate… hmmm

These new lens games from Snapchat has some interesting potential

Soon people are going to be too lazy to type words in Google search. All emojis!

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