Facebook changes ethnic affinities and Learning from GrubHub’s mistake

Today’s Episode

Oh, GrubHub. This is not your week. The CEO needs better training from his PR team. This will be one of the worst blunders the company has done. I know you may not like political ideologies, but, having people not agree with you is a good thing.  He should have seen this as a strength and not made it look like his employees that voted for Trump should quit. This should be a lesson for everyone. There is some backlash from his email. No one is immune to this. Anyways, Periscope is making some interesting moves. I like where they are going. They have not been competing well against Facebook Live. I hope Twitter is getting focused on what it does best. We shall see if this all pays off.

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Marketing News Decoded:

  • Facebook changes its racial-ad targeting
  • Facebook makes changes to its audience network
  • Messenger will now have ads
  • New survey shows Prime Members love Amazon
  • Instagram adds new features to Stories
  • Instagram is testing shoppable pictures
  • Instagram is testing it’s own live video
  • Snapchat takes Instagram’s rewind feature
  • Pinterest adds more to its marketing program
  • Bing introduces app installs
  • Google is cracking down on bad websites
  • Periscope adds Superfans, Groups and more
  • Why you should remain neutral in an election
  • Facebook has an algorithm problem.

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Tweetable Quotes:

We always talk about diversity. What about diversity of thought?

I pity GrubHub’s PR team

Periscopes new features should help with the follower base. Twitter needs to double down on what it does best

Let’s be honest, we have different tastes.


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