This episode has New Games, VR, Updates and blunders

Today’s Episode

The latest blunder in a long line of blunders in the gaming industry is Metal Gear. What the heck? I do not understand why they made it a co-op zombie game. This just sounds slapped on. I know the creator of the series left, but, come up with something original. If we are seeing the sad end to Metal Gear, then so be it. I am not interested in this at all. However, Deus Ex is coming out! That looks to continue what the prequel did so well. I cannot wait for this.

Anyways, on with the show!


Gaming News Pwned:

  • AMD’s new CPU could be awesome!
  • Nvidia releases a 3 GB version of the 1060.
  • Deus Ex has lots of options
  • No Man’s Sky has a new patch
  • Overwatch gets a new map
  • Deus Ex will not support DirectX 12 at launch.
  • Deus Ex has a new trailer
  • Dishonored 2 trailer shows a good time
  • Konami takes Metal Gear into a weird spot.
  • Overwatch has a new map!
  • Overwatch trolls the trolls
  • Logitech has a new slim gaming mouse
  • and more!

Gaming Sales:

Tweetable Quotes:

[Tweet “Seriously, Metal Gear does not need zombies.”]

[Tweet “Deus Ex has a lot of options. PC gamers love options!”]

[Tweet “I think No Man’s Sky set out what it wanted to accomplish.”]