E3 opens up to the public, Activision lays off some staff, Mass Effect dialogue

Today’s Episode

Activision lays off some staff from its developers. This is because of Call of Duty and missing Q4 projections. It’s sad and unfortunate to hear people losing their jobs. However, Call of Duty is in a rut. It has had some upgrades to the game, but, releasing games every year makes it boring. We shall see if Call of Duty in 2017 will be different and better. I do hope it does. Even though I do not prefer playing the game, I still like seeing competition from these developers.

I’ve been playing For Honor open beta a little. It’s interesting. This could be a surprise hit for Ubisoft if they can keep it competitive and have an equal distribution between the factions. That was the problem with Planetside 2. In the beginning, one faction dominated. We shall see.

Find out more down below.

Show Timeline:

  • Valve is changing Greenlight
  • Stark Trek: Bridge Commander coming in May
  • Valve is working on some VR games
  • Conan Exile sells over 300,000 games and mod tools coming
  • Destiny 2 is coming out this year
  • Call of Duty is “going back to its roots”
  • Activision layoffs of some staff
  • Ghost Recon Wildlands going to have eye tracking technology
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda will have sidequest like The Witcher 3
  • New dialogue system in Mass Effect will let you “be yourself”
  • Overwatch rebalances Roadhog and Winston in PTR
  • Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition is back and here to stay
  • E3 is opening to the public this year
  • My initial impressions of For Honor
  • My impressions of Ghost Recon Wildlands

Gaming Deals:

Highlights from the Show:

Ghost Recon was a mediocre open world game

If For Honor can keep a balanced ratio in the factions,  it might be a hit.

It’s good that Mass Effect will have better sidequests.


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