Digital Coffee wants you to safely trust me. – Episode 60

Digital Coffee wants you to safely trust me. Technology is always changing and not for the best. Luckily, most of the tech news today are great. That is a good thing in my book. Instagram is making your accounts more secure, but that does mean you need to a little work. The two-factor authentication is a great way of saving yourself from a hack. It is a great step for Instagram. However, you are going to have to do some legwork. You are going to have to go in the settings and then add your number and then wait for your phone to get the code. Anyways, other news stories that you need to know:

  • Trbble lets you cut songs
  • 1Password joins the family
  • American Airlines flies a lawsuit at GoGo
  • Hulu is on Windows 10
  • Hackers go after hospitals for money
  • Google shuts down Play for Education
  • New malware remotely wipes Androids
  • New LG phone reminds you not to forget your stylus
  • Apple Pay lands in China soon
  • Periscope adds endless sunset to iOS
  • Venmo passes 1 billion monthly transfer
  • and more!


Tweetable moments:

  • Twitter has a problem and it’s more than just followers
  • Hackers like to see people die for money
  • Google needs to find a way to bridge Android with its Chromebooks
  • Governments do not understand technology or encryption
  • I feel like no one wants to get to know each other without tech
  • I actually turn on my phone on a flight and read a book.


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