Digital Coffee is taking over your Instagram feed! Episode 68

Digital Coffee is taking over your Instagram feed! It’s finally here. I went to a networking event and did not get this up until today. Sorry about that, but the show must be posted! I have found the best the tech news that you need to know. But first, my ranting is coming!



Oh Instagram, why are you doing this? The one reason so many people like you are because you did not have that curated feed. That awesome chronological timeline that allowed people to view pictures they were following no matter how unpopular they were. Now, you have announced this is about to change. The popular posts get the top spot. This only helps those that have more followers. More followers can mean more likes. I am sure, I am not alone in not liking this change. I do not understand why this is not an option. Twitter does it. Why cannot you Instagram? Oh wait, you’re owned by Facebook… Luckily there are many other photo apps out there. I may have to try them out. This is all a strategy to get brands to buy ads. It worked on Facebook and they are using the same tactic. I am not impressed. Brands will buy ads because of its value.

What I discuss:

  • Medium gets collections
  • Google Maps get a taxi tab
  • Western Digital has a hard drive for your Raspberry Pi3
  • Pine 64 is the alternative to Raspberry and cheaper!
  • Twitch is in the kitchen cooking
  • DOJ goes after WhatsApp
  • Google updates design for Material Design

Apps/Programs to try: