Digital Coffee shares a story about Instagram and Snapchat

Today’s Episode

Gather around techies! Let me tell you a story about Instagram. They made a Snapchat clone. The very least copied a feature. It’s called Instagram Stories. Yes, now Instagram has a 24-hour destructible picture. This story does not end. Not to be outdone, Snapchat released geostitchers. The battle is heating up! LinkedIn finally added a video feature. This is not big news because every other social network had a feature. It’s great to see LinkedIn finally jumping into it. I feel like LinkedIn is behind with lots of features. The website is a mess and needs a refresh. They have a piecemeal website. Some of the pages are modern and others are not.

Anyways, on with the show!

Tech News Decoded:

  • Windows 10 Anniversary update is here!
  • People can track you with your battery status online
  • Instagram announces stories.
  • Snapchat releases geostitchers
  • LinkedIn finally jumps on the video bandwagon
  • Samsung announces the Galaxy Note 7… Numbers are hard!
  • 200 million Yahoo mail accounts hacked
  • Medium buys
  • Salesforce buys quib. Reason: they can
  • Samsung will have Vulcan games ready for Note 7
  • and more!

Apps/Programs to Try:

Tweetable Quotes:

[Tweet “Facebook is like a jealous lover or stalkers of Snapchat. Give. It. Up.”]

[Tweet “I like what Microsoft is doing with Skype. Keep it up!”]

[Tweet “LinkedIn finally released a video feature. I’ve been saying they should do this for a year.”]