Today’s Episode
Gather around techies! Let me tell you a story about Instagram. They made a Snapchat clone. The very least copied a feature. It’s called Instagram Stories. Yes, now Instagram has a 24-hour destructible picture. This story does not end. Not to be outdone, Snapchat released geostitchers. The battle is heating up! LinkedIn finally added a video feature. This is not big news because every other social network had a feature. It’s great to see LinkedIn finally jumping into it. I feel like LinkedIn is behind with lots of features. The website is a mess and needs a refresh. They have a piecemeal website. Some of the pages are modern and others are not.

Anyways, on with the show!

Tech News Decoded:
Windows 10 Anniversary update is here!
People can track you with your battery status online
Instagram announces stories.
Snapchat releases geostitchers
LinkedIn finally jumps on the video bandwagon
Samsung announces the Galaxy Note 7… Numbers are hard!
200 million Yahoo mail accounts hacked
Medium buys
Salesforce buys quib. Reason: they can
Samsung will have Vulcan games ready for Note 7
and more!
Apps/Programs to Try:
Tweetable Quotes:
Facebook is like a jealous lover or stalkers of Snapchat. Give. It. Up.

I like what Microsoft is doing with Skype. Keep it up!

LinkedIn finally released a video feature. I’ve been saying they should do this for a year.

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