Digital Coffee password is 12345 – Episode 61

Digital Coffee password is 12345. Yes, now I have to change my luggage combination. It was such an easy password to remember. Yes, I talk about the debate between Apple and the big bad government. This is a fight that is really the FBI’s fault. They are the ones that made is harder to crack the information they need. However, it’s easier to make Apple the villain. Besides the FBI really does not care about protecting your privacy or rights. They only want to spy on us. I will and forever be against the government spying on me. I do not care if I have “nothing to hide” argument. They should have probable cause to do that, as the constitution states. Ugh… Anyways, there’s more tech news!

Today’s stories I discuss:

  • Facebook helps nonprofits
  • Facebook tries to put ads in messenger
  • Facebook adds multiple accounts for messenger on Android
  • Facebook adds metrics for videos
  • ISIS recruiting takes a hit
  • NeverWare wants to bring your old laptop back to life
  • ThankView makes Thank You notes less painful
  • China hearts censorship
  • and more!

Tweetable Moments:

  • Why is it so hard for the FBI to understand the 4th amendment or a warrant. #digitalcoffeetalk
  • I am against speech that causes people to act in violence #digitalcoffeetalk
  • The government is just throwing shades on Apple… I mean shade. The government is not that cool. #digitalcoffeetalk
  • Facebook, not all customers that talk to a business love them…. #digitalcoffeetalk
  • Let’s have a Skype party. I need 25 people and I’ll bring the party poppers and hot pockets. #digitalcoffeetalk


PC Mag Article: We Asked Experts What Would Happen If Everything Were Encrypted 

What is your opinion on encryption? Do you think the government should have unlimited access?

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