Digital Coffee is back from the dead! Episode 58

Hey, everyone! Digital Coffee is back! I have been sick for over a week and it was terrible! I have missed doing this and I am finally ready to take the tech industry by storm. I come back to some stupidity, but it follows tech everywhere.

My first problem is what Twitter is doing. The algorithmic timeline is questionable, but it is not mandatory yet. This brings a weird admission from Twitter, that Facebook is “better.” I do feel Twitter needs to figure things out. My second objection is their new trust and safety council. The problem is that most of these organization are questionable. I am talking about you Feminist Frequency. Feminist Frequency is one of the worst organization to be a part of this. They claim that having dissenting opinions is harassment, but that isn’t harassment. This council of censorship… er “truth and safety” has nothing to do with truth. My problem is, where is Electronic Frontier Foundation? This is all about censorship. Twitter has a problem and they don’t know how to fix it. Anyways, here are more things I talk about:

Tweetable moments:

It’s not harassment if it’s a dissenting argument

IRS just doesn’t learn from its own mistakes

The government says weak encryption while its own employees say otherwise.


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