Digital Coffee helps decrypts your tech ignorance. Episode 65

Digital Coffee helps decrypts your tech ignorance. Yes, some people or the government do not understand tech. They write all these speeches claiming expertise, but once under scrutiny it falls flat. As a species, we have grown dependent on tech and that means governments will try and use tech against us. They may want to protect their citizens in a way, but it’s usually at a cost. The great thing is tech can help bring some fun to our lives too! Six Flags and Samsung have partnered to bring VR to roller coasters. There’s more too!

Tech Stories I discuss:

  • DARPA has a new plan design
  • SkyWall is a new defense against drones
  • Link leads the way in Google Maps
  • Amazon may have dropped encryption in Fire OS 5
  • Tinder now likes to share
  • Meerkat pivots away from live streaming

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Tweetable Quotes:

[epq-quote align=”align-left”]The more the government talks about tech, the less they really know about it.[/epq-quote]

[epq-quote align=”align-left”]I agree with Meerkat on the grounds that it had to change to survive.[/epq-quote]

[epq-quote align=”align-left”]You can now rick roll people on Messenger. Rejoice![/epq-quote]