Digital Coffee goes Acquisition hunting! – Episode 59

Happy Weekend Digital Brewers! Digital Coffee goes Acquisition hunting! Yes, there has been quite a few acquisition of late. We had Microsoft buying Swiftkey and Asics just bought Runkeeper. We also had Time Inc. buy Myspace and Youtube bought BandPage. This is an interesting time in the tech space. This could be great for those companies or they could be folded in and lost forever! Yes, that was dramatic, but still a very interesting time indeed. Here are a few other news headlines I talk about:

  • Download Fetch! to see what breed your dog is
  • Flipagram adds DM to their app
  • India is ok with shutting off the internet to its people
  • Visa has a 10 percent stake in Square
  • Vevo launches an Android and Apple TV app
  • Google shuts down Picasa
  • AT&T will test out 5G soon
  • Apple faces more lawsuits
  • and more!

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