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Linux is an interesting operating system. It does not follow the other ones, but, it is influential in the tech industry. The OS has loyal followers that push out new patches constantly. It powers many devices we use today and it shows the power of open source. So, Happy Birthday Linux! Now, I do want to take the time to call out Comcast. God, you are an awful company. This latest news just proves how awful you are. I do hope the FCC and FTC investigate your sleazy practices. I’m pro business, but you guys are on another level of awful. I do not think Comcast is trying to be good. They are always bad. Avoid them if you can.

Anyways, on with the show!

Tech News Decoded:
Comcast proves its a terrible company
Twitter has a night mode for iOS
Samsung Milk shuts down next month
Apple and Microsoft acquire companies
Happy Birthday Linux
Android 7.0 comes out of beta
Allo looks to be the iMessage of Android
Apps to Try This Week:
Tweetable Quotes:
Woohoo! Linux celebrates its 25th birthday

Comcast proves it is the worst company in America

Samsung shows us we do not need their apps

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