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DICE BF1 DLC, Overwatch explains PTR and Division Last Stand

Brett Deister January 20, 2017

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Today’s Episode
DICE had some teases for gamers with the BF1 DLC. It was a quick preview of a new tank and maybe a new elite class. I have and I am still enjoying BF1, I wonder what new items this DLC brings. What is known about the DLC is the French are coming. Probably weapons based on the French army and that’s all everyone knows outside of EA and DICE. Halo Wars 2 beta finally reached the PC today. There is only one mode and it’s interesting. I played a few rounds and I was surprised how fast and fluid it was. I was not impressed, but, I will give it some time. Find out what else I talk about down below!

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    DICE BF1 DLC, Overwatch explains PTR and Division Last Stand
    Brett Deister

Show Timeline:
Obsidian tweets about an upcoming game
Overwatch has some new skins incoming
Updates on Overwatch and why there is a PTR
Division 1.6 is making the Dark Zone even bigger
Last Stand DLC for Division is the Dark Zone again
Steam updates add Xbox controller compatibility
Conan Exile looks to up the action
Conan will have mod support
Strafe is coming out in March
Head of Oculus goes to trial
Madness is what Call of Cthulhu
New heroes coming for For Honor
Valve is working on a single-player game
Sniper Ghost 3 open beta lands next month
You can sign up for Ghost Recon
Halo Wars 2 open beta is out for PC
Mass Effect crafting is different from Dragon Age
Long War 2 mod is out for XCOM 2
DICE teases BF1 DLC
Gaming Deals:
Mass Effect Andromeda on Sale
Road Redemption on Sale
I am Bread on Sale
For Honor on Sale
Killing Floor 2 Weekend Sale
Endless Grand Master Collection Sale
Zombie Army Trilogy Sale
Highlights from the Show:
No one is going to win this case of Zenimax and Oculus.

I’m happy Valve wants to explore the Half-life world.

It looks like BF1 will get a new heavy tank and a new elite class.

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