Crafting a Brew: Beginners guide to installing mods

Mods are great. They have been since the 90s and have made many games last way longer than the developer intended them to last. Part of Battlefield 2‘s success comes from the modding community. People still play that game today. Counterstrike would not be a game without the ability to mod the game Half-Life. However, adding mods can be difficult. Here are a few ways to do it. I rank them on how difficult they are.

Steam Workshop:

(Difficulty: Easy)

Steam has a great system to add mods. It’s the easiest way to add mods. Pick the game you want you can either go to the workshop or click on details and then click the Steam Workshop button. After that, just pick the mod you want and hit subscribe. You are mostly done. There may be an additional step. However, installing the mod is that easy on Steam.



Nexus Mod Manager:

(Difficulty: Easier)

Nexus Mod is a website is all about mods. It’s a great community of modders that can share their creation and ask for support. This site should be your favorite if you want to find the best mods for your favorite game. Even if the game does not officially have mod support, there are some intrepid modders that will mod the game. The Nexus Mod Manager is the easiest way on Nexus Mods to install mods. I will warn you it’s still in beta, but it’s a stable problem. The setup is easy and it detects the games you have that Nexus Mods has mods available for. You can go to the modders page and be sure to click the, “Download (NMM).” Now, not every mod will have this, so be aware.


Nexus Mod (Manual):

(Difficulty: Medium/Hard)

This one can be a little tricky and it is recommended that you follow the instructions on the modders page. They usually give detailed descriptions on how to properly install the mod. You can also post a comment on their page and they get back you. This one requires a basic understanding of the different folders in the game folders. Also, know where the file is in. There may be some trial and errors in the beginning, but it will become easier.

What mods do you like? Is modding something you would like to do? Tell me in the comments below.