Craft Brewing XCOM 2: My List of the best 12 Mods for XCOM 2



This was one of the three mods created for day one download. Created by the studio that made the amazing Long War mod for XCOM, this mod adds another weapon, the SMG. It’s a no-brainer to download and great mod to keep. Now you can choose from a shotgun, assault rifle, sniper rifle, and machine gun. Options are always welcome when it comes to XCOM! Link to the mod.


Your new weapon of choice! The picture was taken by Long War Studios the mod creator.



An interesting mod from the creator of Long War mod for XCOM. It was another mod created for day one downloads as well. The mod brings a part of Long War to XCOM 2. This mod adds an option to let your soldiers be leaders. Yes, you are still the commander, but this gives them extra abilities. However, no more that one leader can be in a party, so choose wisely. There was some mission where that did not apply, but most were like that. It was a great addition. Link to mod.

Someone can finally be the leader. The picture was taken by Long War Studios the mod creator


Created by Shaska. This is pretty straight forward. If you did not like the timers in most of the XCOM 2 missions, this mod is for you. It disable most of them and allows you to play the game as a true turn-based strategy game. I was annoyed by the timers after the fifth mission had me rush to get the person and escort them to the evac. This mod made the game more enjoyable. Trust me, you will love the freedom to take your time in the missions. Link to the mod.


Created by wasteland_ghost. This mod adds an addition option to the camera rotation. There is the default pressing Q or E will rotate the camera a bit, but the mod creator adds a hold option. Holding Q or E will give the player a smooth rotation. Very neat and welcome addition to the camera rotation. Play the video if you are not sure about it. Link to the mod.



Created by  ARCKY and MonstaRr. This mod adds an additional class to the game. Aptly named Trooper, this mod gives the player a more front line soldier in your arsenal of destruction. It’s a great addition and they continue to update and refine it. If you are looking for more variety in your soldiers roles, give this mod a try. Link to mod.

Now you can be a Trooper! The picture was taken by ARCKY and MonstaRr the mod creators


Created by Vblacno 20-1 [ESP]. This mod adds an addition sword. Tired of the default sword in XCOM, well, then try this out. You can use the katana shown in the picture or wakizashi. The swords all change in damage and look as your upgrade as seen in the picture below. Don’t be sad about the sword you have, use this mod to bring some flare back. Link to the mod.

Yes, there are even swords that light up in XCOM! The picture was taken by Vblanco 20-1 [ESP]

Created by Beacon, this mod changes hacking slightly. Instead of hacking taking a turn, it stops that. This can be a life saver for those rushed timer missions. Having an addition turn can turn the tide of each people. This is a very helpful mod. If you don’t like that hacking takes up a turn, this mod is for you. Link to mod.

Finally hacking that does not take a turn! The picture was taken by Beacon the mod creator


This mod was created by .Drumzel and Alafian. This is a change to the starting supply cache a player gets when they start a new game. The supply caches are different depending on the difficulty, but if you ever felt that the supplies you go were light, then this mod will change that for you. No more poor resistance. Link to the mod.


This mod was created by [GWJ]-Tkyl. This mod adds an addition button to the menu. It allows a player to restart the mission. This helps if you didn’t play that mission well and we’ve all been there too. I know many times I wanted to restart a mission because my favorite soldier died. It was heartbreaking. Anyways this gives you that option. Link to mod.

You can finally erase that mistake! The Picture was taken by [GWJ]-Tkyl the mod creator

This mod was created by tracktwo. This is a mod adds an evac all option. Instead pushing the button for each character there no is only one button for all. This will make evacs go much quicker than before. Could you say this mod is a lifesaver… er timesaver? Your choice commander. Link to the mod.


We’re all going home! The picture was taken by tracktwo the mod creator


This mod was created by Isms. This mod adds another class to the game. Aptly titled Rogue, this class is about fast attacks and sneaking, maybe even they shoot first! Anyways, I’m all for adding variety in classes and this mod helps with that. Just remember to shoot first with Rogue. Link to the mod.

Now you can have a full army of Rogues! The picture was taken by Isms the mod creator


This mod was created by Replikant. This mod adds face paint to your soldiers. As a commander, I could really go for a braveheart like a face painting. That will strike fear in those Advent. It’s a great mod to add some additional Furiosa in your female soldiers or braveheart craze in your male soldiers. Link to the mod.

It’s Game Time! The picture was taken by Replikant the mod creator