Loot shooters gained popularity with the launch of the original Borderlands. It morphed the shooter genre to emphasis loot. It was a great game and the sequel made it even better. Then came the live loot shooters. Destiny tried to take the formula and make it better, but, there were problems. The Division made loot shooters 3rd person and they failed to push the genre to new heights. Now we have Anthem, Destiny 2, and Division 2 which are all live loot shooters. The problem, is they pale in comparison to single player experience Borderlands gave gamers. It’s one of the reasons why loot shooters should be single player. Find out why it’s a better spot in single player experience.

Show Notes:

  • Valve Makes A New High Powered VR System
  • Valve Sells Out Of The VR System In 30 Minutes
  • Epic Buys Psyonix, Developer of Rocker League
  • Why Loot Shooters Should Be Single Player